30 Day Kencko Smoothie Box

30 days 30 smoothies - for just $4.88 a day per pack (cheaper than your store auntie's fruit juice), supercharge your life and health with this power smoothie.

If you are looking for a new healthy habit and finding a way to ditch the troublesome process of making a smoothie, kencko would be an amazing option for you.

Each portable packet of kencko contains 2 servings of delicious and nutritious organic fruits and vegetables. Just throw one into a bottle of water or liquid of your choice and shake it for 10 seconds and you have yourself a smoothie to go!

kencko is made ONLY from organic fruits, vegetables and spices. Nothing added, nothing taken out. 

The packaging is recyclable and smoothie packets are compostable. 

Get a free bottle with your first purchase, only the best. 

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