Self care with Haoscence

When COVID happened, many of us were forced to face the hardest truth of it all - that in the current modern, first-world technology-filled society, we were forced to learn to live slow. With nowhere to go and social interactions limited, many developed hobbies and rituals (in fitness or wellness) for better self care. The word "PIVOT" has now become a popular word we have come accustomed to hearing. We speak with a homegrown brand who not only took the time to live slow but also took the opportunity to pivot. When life gives you lemons, you make candles! We speak with Brandon, owner and founder of HAOSCENCE candles.

Brandon was first introduced to essential oils about 5 years ago when a friend gifted him with an essential oil from MUJI. Since then, he has been experimenting with aromatherapy, using different oils for different needs or to soothe his moods as each essential oil has an array of benefits and uses. "We all need that little 'umph' to spice things up to our every day lives," says Brandon. 

Brandon believes in the power of essential oils and aromatherapy and that is why he loves to share his passion with others. "Not only can it boost your mood and soothe your stresses away, it can also be used together with your skin and hair products to give you that something extra! The uses of essential oils are endless. The fact that these are all natural scents, compared to synthetic fragrance oils, is a mega plus," he adds. 

A lover of DIY (do-it-yourself), Brandon started exploring different projects when COVID happened; from making his own macrame wall decor to now scented candles. COVID gave him the time for deeper exploration, researching and developing by trial and error. Getting the right ratio and size of melt pool, size of the wick and other details right all for the finest, lasting scent and cleanest burn. 

Brandon's motivation to do better with his handcrafted candles lie in the reviews he gets from friends and customers, "My main motivation is when you share your reviews with me. It makes me want to do better and spark more joy for each and everyone."

Crystals are added in all Haoscence candles to help amplify its benefits, harnessing the power of metaphysical and natural healing properties of both elements. Haoscence candles are designed to boost confidence, encourage self-love, rebalance energies and to promote any physical, emotional and spiritual healing you desire.


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